RL Johns Land Surveying Ltd. serving the Greater Victoria Area (CRD) and Gulf Islands

RL Johns Land Surveying Ltd. has been offering survey services since 1982. We are located in Saanich and provide service to the greater Victoria area and Gulf Islands. Ron Johns is a British Columbia and Canada Lands Surveyor and as worked throughout British Columbia.

Our areas of practice include:

All legal surveys:

  • subdivisions
  • repostings
  • surveyors certificates of location
  • rights of way and easements
  • strata title
  • air space title
  • foreshore leases
  • land claim work and work on Indian Reserves
  Other surveys:

  • site plans
  • topographic surveys
  • construction layout
  • settlement monitoring
  • air photo control
  • accident scene surveys
  • Mechanical surveys through our machine alignment division. See Bull's-eye Alignment Services for details.

Contact Ron Johns, BCLS, CLS

250-658-9518 office
250-882-9515 cell
250-658-9519 fax